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Kern Legacy Max Choice gives you a lot of options for your care, but be smart about what you choose. While the plan features a small deductible and affordable 20% coinsurance (similar to the "Plus" level on Kern Legacy Network Plus), some services will cost more than others. For example, services from your Primary Care Physician (PCP), at Urgent Care, or at Kern Medical will all feature lower copays, allowing you to save even more compared to other available providers. When you access care, you get to decide where you go and how much you pay. Max Choice features lower premiums because you share in the cost of services. Being smart about what services and which providers you use will help maximize your overall savings. So choose wisely.

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An Ounce of Prevention...

At Kern Legacy, we want you to be in the best health possible, so we try to make it as easy as possible for you to get the care you need. Kern Legacy members can use Kern Medical Campus and Sagebrush pharmacies to fill generic prescriptions at $0 after deductible. Preventive care is also FREE. Certain medical services, including annual wellness visits and recommended screenings (depending on age and gender), are also covered at $0 before ever meeting your deductible, so you can make sure you keep yourself in the best health.

Incredible Service... to the MAX.

From the beginning, Kern Legacy has been focused on one thing... you! We know that your health and the health of your family are worth more than anything. With every Kern Legacy product, we take it to the next level whenever one of own needs help--we take it to the max. We're always here to assist you with all of your health care questions. If you don't understand how something works with your plan, aren't sure which providers you can see for the lowest cost, etc, we will help guide you through the complications so you can focus on what's really important... you, your family, and your health.

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