Massive network for
any preference.
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Options. And More Options.

In 2016, we launched Kern Legacy Network Plus. That plan added an expanded "Plus" network of providers, giving you more options. New for 2019, Kern Legacy Max Choice takes the idea of options even further. Similar to the "Plus" benefit, Kern Legacy Max Choice features an affordable 20% coinsurance and low deductible, but adds the same network of providers as the County's original benefit plan, Kern Legacy Classic Choice (formerly "Point of Service Plan"), so you now get to choose from even more providers.

Pay Less Until You Need More.

Some health plans save costs by using a smaller network of providers. Kern Legacy Max Choice creates savings by splitting the cost of services with the member (at 20% for most services, after a small deductible). That cost sharing helps keep premiums low. You direct your care within the widely available Anthem Blue Cross network of providers, but you only pay more when you use services. Since you share in the cost of services, you and the Plan pay less when you maintain a healthy lifestyle and pick more affordable care options.

Cost of Services and Premium Savings
Member Cost (20%)*
Annual Deductible
Physician x 5 (five visits)
Urgent Care (one visit)
Laboratory Tests
Annual Premium Savings*
- $861*
- $861*
Total Annual Savings

*Compared to "single" premium for Kern Legacy "Classic Choice" (formerly POS Plan). Member costs depend on the actual cost of services and contracted network rates. Except for lower preferred copays at Kern Medical, Max Choice out-of-pocket costs are 20% coinsurance after deductible of $250/individual and $500/family.

Go Where You Want,
Have the Coverage You Need.

Kern Legacy Max Choice uses the Anthem Blue Cross network of providers. This covers the majority of local physicians, facilities, and hospitals, giving you plenty of choices for your care. Anthem Blue Cross offers one of the largest provider networks in the nation, and it covers almost the entire nation. Up to 90% of providers within California are participating providers with Anthem. If you travel often or have dependents that live outside of Kern County, Kern Legacy Max Choice will have you covered.

Check to See if Your Provider is in the Anthem Network
Use Identification Number or Alpha Prefix (first three values) of "KEK" to search
Contact Kern Legacy Member Services for more information:

661-868-3280 (option 1, then option 5)
1115 Truxtun Ave, First Floor
Bakersfield, CA 93301

Maximum options. Maximum flexibility.