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Kern Legacy Share Select is designed to reward those of us who already do a great job staying as healthy as possible. The idea of insurance is to protect you when you have a problem and need some help, not to just be an extra expense you don't really need. If you're in good health and live a healthy lifestyle, how often do you need to go to the doctor? If you're paying high premiums for health coverage without using it, it's like having expensive car insurance for a car you don't drive. Kern Legacy Share Select lets you pay significantly lower premiums--or no premiums at all--so you're covered for the unexpected, but don't have to pay for services you never use.

Pay now or pay later... Or don't pay at all.

The biggest difference with Kern Legacy Share Select is when you pay. All standard medical services are covered, just like the other County health plans. Even preventive care, such as annual wellness visits and certain screenings (depending on gender and age) are covered for FREE at $0, before you meet your deductible. For other standard services, the member pays the entire contracted rate up to the deductible amount. However, those higher out of pocket costs allow premium charges at low or no cost. With other plans, you pay a premium cost up-front and have lower costs as you use services. With Share Select, you pay little or nothing in premiums and simply pay as you go for the services you use. If you're in good health and make good healthcare choices, you can save significantly.

Cost of Services and Premiums
Kern Legacy
Share Select
Kaiser Permanente
Annual Premiums*

Physician (one visit)

Urgent Care (one visit)

Laboratory Tests

Total Annual Costs

Total Annual Savings
No Savings

*Comparing "single" premium with PPO Dental and VSP Vision. Kaiser Permanente copay for physician visits and urgent care is $10 and labs and radiology are $0. Kern Legacy Share Select average physician visit is $200 but depends on contracted rate. Member pays full cost of contracted rate up to the deductible amount.

Like Your Money? Keep it.

Share Select is the only County health plan that qualifies as a "high deductible" plan under IRS rules. That means that enrolling in this plan also allows you to contribute to a Health Savings Account (HSA). An HSA is a special savings account that the IRS allows you to contribute up to a certain amount each year without paying taxes on any money you put in or on any money you take out. The money in your HSA can be used for any IRS-qualified medical expenses (like using it for your deductible, copays, or coinsurance).

Also, any money you save in your HSA is yours to keep! HSA's do not have "use it or lose it" limitations like Flexible Spending Accounts do, so you can save even more, year after year. HSA's are also "fully portable," meaning you can take the money with you if you ever change employers. So you can take the money you save from paying lower premiums (or no premiums) and put it away for when you need it!

We save. You Save. Everybody should save.

If Kern Legacy Share Select is your only health coverage, you will be able to contribute to a Health Savings Account (HSA) and save! High-deductible health plans, like Share Select, allow tax-free contributions and tax-free spending on IRS qualified medical expenses with an HSA. You can enroll with American Fidelity for deduction from your biweekly paycheck, so your saving is easy and automatic!

Health Savings Account Information from American Fidelity
Application for Health Savings Account with American Fidelity

Please Note: Retiree subscribers will not be able to enroll in American Fidelity account for automatic payroll deduction. Retirees can speak with their tax advisor or financial institution for information on setting up a Health Savings Account.

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